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Improved Ergonomics through Smart Interior Design

Originally posted on Jun 01, 2022. Written by Erin Fogarty, RID, NCIDQ, LEED AP A researcher’s workspace and work environment can positively, or negatively, affect their personal well-being. In turn, the research they collect can be inadvertently corrupted or inaccurate if fatigue or distraction is present. Protecting researchers and staff from injuries and stress caused Read more about Improved Ergonomics through Smart Interior Design[…]

Barriers to an Ergonomic Endo Suite

Originally posted on May 11, 2022 Increased awareness of the risk for endoscopy-related injuries, renewed efforts to design ergonomically healthier scopes, and implementation of engineering and administrative controls all are needed to reduce injuries seen in endoscopists treating adults and children. Pediatric gastroenterologists face the same risk for endoscopy-related injuries as has been identified among Read more about Barriers to an Ergonomic Endo Suite[…]

The state of robotics

Written by Bob Trebilcock. Originally posted on May 10, 2022 I will never forget ProMat 2007. That’s the first industry event where I saw what we now call autonomous mobile robots (AMR); more importantly, these were robots targeting warehousing and distribution. The exhibitors were Kiva Systems, now part of Amazon; RMT Robotics, now part of Cimcorp; and Read more about The state of robotics[…]

Laboratory Ergonomics

Laboratory Ergonomics Laboratories provide many opportunities for ergonomic stressors to manifest into injuries or repetitive stress disorders. Major ergonomic issues in the laboratory setting includes static and/or awkward postures and repetitive motions. Use this page to learn a bit more about how to mitigate these stressors. General Tips If you stand at your workstation, wear Read more about Laboratory Ergonomics[…]

Insurers Cite Top Factors for Controlling Health Plan Costs

Originally posted December 7, 2021. Written by Stephen Miller, CEBS Three-quarters of health insurers say that managing a health plan’s network of care providers is critical to controlling rising medical costs. The finding is from consultancy Willis Towers Watson’s 2022 Global Medical Trends Survey, conducted from July through September 2021 among 209 leading insurers globally. The Read more about Insurers Cite Top Factors for Controlling Health Plan Costs[…]

Hybrid Work Maturity Study: Executive Summary

How ready is your organization for hybrid work? According to IDC’s Hybrid Work Maturity Study conducted with Cisco, 45% of business and technology leaders say remote and hybrid work models will be an embedded part of accepted work practices moving forward and 93% are planning to maintain or increase spending in this area for 2022. Workplace Read more about Hybrid Work Maturity Study: Executive Summary[…]

How to Use Ergonomic Assessments to Avoid Common Ergonomic Risks

Written by Kevin Lombardo. Originally Posted on March 30, 2022. The ergonomic assessment remains a critical part of every safety leader’s toolkit when it comes to creating safe workplaces and preventing work-related injuries like MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders). Ergonomic risk is hidden in all corners of the workplace, from offices and home workstations to manufacturing floors, Read more about How to Use Ergonomic Assessments to Avoid Common Ergonomic Risks[…]

Creform Corporation’s ergonomic lift workstation

Written by Creform Corporation. Originally Posted on March 15, 2022. The workstation has overall dimensions of 72″ W x 78″ H x 34″ D and is built with 42mm and 28mm pipe and joints. Secured inside each of the workstation’s four vertical legs is a hydraulic cylinder so its height can be varied to optimize Read more about Creform Corporation’s ergonomic lift workstation[…]


Written by Jordan Gibler. Originally Posted on April 25, 2022. For over 30 years, Joanette Lima Nativo has been redefining how businesses and industries imagine workplace safety. Blazing trails in the nascent field of ergonomics, her career has led from the assembly lines of heavy industry to the myriad magical environments of Disneyland Parks and Read more about FROM PRIVATE PRACTICE TO DISNEYLAND, PHYSICAL THERAPY ALUMNA SHARES CAREER OF CALCULATED RISKS[…]

Be Mindful Of Your Movement To Prevent Injuries

Written by Lisa Foust Prater. Originally Posted on February 16, 2022. Farmwork often involves making the same actions over and over, which can lead to repetitive-motion injuries. Whether milking cows, operating a tractor, harvesting crops by hand, carrying heavy loads, or doing a number of other chores, farmers and ranchers are at risk of developing Read more about Be Mindful Of Your Movement To Prevent Injuries[…]