25 Years as a Certified Professional Ergonomist!

The Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics (BCPE) was incorporated as an independent nonprofit organization in July 1990. In 1996 Ms. Lima Nativo became a Certified Professional Ergonomist, and recently received an acknowledgement from the Board recognizing her 25 years of certification.   Along with her degree in physical therapy and her California license, Ms. Read more about 25 Years as a Certified Professional Ergonomist![…]

49er Industry Chat Speaker

At the invitation of the Office of Alumni Engagement at CSU Long Beach, Joanette hosted a 49er Industry Chat via Zoom on Thursday March 18th. This was a 45-minute live webinar, where distinguished alumni shared their professional journey and offer advice to students and alumni interested in entering the same industry. Joanette shared insight on what she’s learned throughout her career, Read more about 49er Industry Chat Speaker[…]

Ergonomics on the shop floor

    Photo Id: 31914199 Originally posted on October 01, 2020 Performing vehicle service can be physically demanding, especially when working with tires. Many older technicians can tell you that the years of heavy lifting, bending and strain can take its toll on one’s physical health over time. To minimize the likelihood of injury and Read more about Ergonomics on the shop floor[…]

The Ergonomics Guide for Gamers

Originally Posted on December 16, 2020. You might not realise it, but the way your body rests while gaming can play a massive impact on your health. Whether you’re on console or PC, the way you play can be managed to prevent any sort of future health issues. It’s not difficult, and it will save Read more about The Ergonomics Guide for Gamers[…]

What to consider for women’s ergonomic safety on the farm

Written by Grace Connatser. Originally Posted on December 10, 2020 With women now making up 36% of total producers in the US, it’s important to consider extra precautions and prevention strategies to keep women safe in an industry that was largely built for men. Charlotte Halverson, a registered nurse and clinical director for the AgriSafe Network, Read more about What to consider for women’s ergonomic safety on the farm[…]

How to Configure Your Mouse For Comfort

Written by Simon Batt. Originally Posted on November 8, 2020 The mouse is a key accessory for using a PC, but people don’t pay enough attention to them and hurt their wrists and hands as a result. If you have an aching hand after a hard day of work and play, you may need to make some Read more about How to Configure Your Mouse For Comfort[…]

NASA Has Just Unveiled a Brand-New Space Toilet—And It Costs $23 Million

A diagram explaining how the new “space toilet” works. Photo: Courtesy of James Blair/NASA Written By Dan Avery. Originally Posted on October 6, 2020. An 8,000-pound cargo ship docked on the International Space Station Monday morning, bringing aboard a bevy of gourmet delights. The shipment included Genoa salami, smoked Gouda, brie, cherry tomatoes, and chocolate-covered cranberries—plus Read more about NASA Has Just Unveiled a Brand-New Space Toilet—And It Costs $23 Million[…]

What’s New With Cordless Tools

Photo Courtesy of Panasonic Assem-bly Tools Written by Jim Camillo. Originally posted on June 10, 2020 Few technologies achieve widespread manufacturing acceptance in their original form. Most require some sort of modification before they begin to be regularly used on an assembly line. A good example is cordless power tools, which didn’t become commonplace in manufacturing Read more about What’s New With Cordless Tools[…]

Ergonomic Design: Inside Logitech’s Push For Comfort In Tech

Photo: Courtesy of Logitech Written By Jeff Link. Originally posted on June 18, 2020 If you imagine yourself in a pool of water, if you completely relax, your body would go into a disposition where your hands are almost in the handshake position — because that’s where there’s the least pressure on them.” Floating in a Read more about Ergonomic Design: Inside Logitech’s Push For Comfort In Tech[…]

Furniture dealer leans into the future of work

The Trellis showroom/headquarters at 37 Ottawa Ave. NW in downtown Grand Rapids features flexible, adaptive pieces that can fit with any work environment. Courtesy Trellis Written by Rachel Watson. Originally posted on May 15th, 2020. Knowing life won’t just resume “business as usual” after the economy reopens, a local furniture dealer is working to help companies Read more about Furniture dealer leans into the future of work[…]