25 Years as a Certified Professional Ergonomist!

The Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics (BCPE) was incorporated as an independent nonprofit organization in July 1990. In 1996 Ms. Lima Nativo became a Certified Professional Ergonomist, and recently received an acknowledgement from the Board recognizing her 25 years of certification.


Along with her degree in physical therapy and her California license, Ms. Lima Nativo’s certification as a professional ergonomist has served as a strong foundation for her career in Ergonomics. Her knowledge, expertise and experience makes for a unique skill set in the field.


The mission of the BCPE is to provide Board Certification in Human Factors/ Ergonomics to protect the public, the profession, and its professionals by assuring standards of competency and advocating the value of certification. BCPE is a non-profit organization and is recognized internationally as representing the gold standard of HF/E certification.

As stated on the BCPE website, Board Certified Professionals combine education and experience with knowledge of human capabilities, needs, and limitations to optimize design for people. Wherever people interact with products, tasks, jobs, organizations or environments, Human Factors/Ergonomics can help ensure that the system is optimized for human performance, well-being, and compatibility.