Ergonomics At Home

Christmas StruggleBusy moving holiday decorations? Watch your BACK!

This is a busy time of year. Decorating, shopping, cooking for family and friends. Sometimes we’re in a hurry, and it’s easy to lose sight of the risks for soft tissue injuries. Overexertion, working for long periods without taking appropriate breaks, sitting or standing for periods beyond what’s comfortable…

  • Reaching high to hang lights or get boxes of decorations down? Could strain the shoulder.
  • Walking too quickly to get to a holiday get together on time? Could lead to a slip or fall.
  • Lifting something that’s too heavy (you really should’ve gotten help…)? Could lead to a back injury.

We hear “safety first” and sometimes we even say it, but we really need to be thinking about it all of the time. We need to use our bodies wisely! We have physiological limits, and risks increase when we’re not paying attention to the task and when we get in a hurry.

Good ergonomics means storing heavy things near waist level, getting help or using assisting devices when something is too heavy (move those large bins on a cart!), pacing yourself, planning out activities so they don’t become overwhelming, and minimizing awkward or static postures with your activities. With a little thought, this is easy to do. No one wants an injury… Especially during the holiday season! There is too much to do!

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