How to become a better gamer with improved posture and exercise

By Phillip Kollar, Polygon

It might not be immediately obvious from watching esports stars in their professional performances, but the life of a pro gamer can actually be quite physically taxing. Sure, it’s not intense physical labor, but sitting in one position for 12 to 18 hours a day and doing repetitive motions can be hard on your body. However, there are ways for esports stars to keep their bodies healthy and improve their performance, and those methods can translate well for regular gamers also.

In the video above, esports ergonomics expert Frank Maas goes through a number of important tips to improving your physical approach to gaming. These include the correct sitting position, the screen height, how often to take breaks and even proper stretching and exercises to keep healthy.

Maas’ group TheSandbox focuses on StarCraft 2 specifically, but he notes that these tips apply to all computer-based gaming you might do, competitive or otherwise, “as well as general computer use.” Maas also notes at several points that the best answer to certain questions is to consult an expert to help you determine your specific needs and best practices, though many of his great tips are easy and safe to mix in to your gaming habits.