Pipetting, the easy way: a focus on ergonomic design

Pipetting, Filler Brand

Originally posted on June 5th, 2020.

Intensive and repeated operations using a mechanical instrument without a good ergonomic design can result in prolonged stress that can lead to a number of muscular problems, known collectively as RSI (repetitive strain injuries). At particular risk are the muscles in the neck area, shoulders, arms and thumbs. Therefore laboratory work is often accompanied by the appearance of inter alia, tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Especially with microlitre pipettes, the need for fatigue-free operation is paramount.

Brand has heavily focused on user feedback to create a new generation of the Transferpette S micropipette. The result is an attractive new design with improved features to make every day’s work easier and more efficient.

The Transferpette S micropipette is lightweight and balanced with short operating paths for comfort, even in extended periods of pipetting. Thanks to the new geometry of the handle, it provides a very comfortable grip in any hand position, regardless of the size of the hand or dexterity. Changing gripping position while working is not necessary, since the micropipette continues to provide true one-handed operation. All functions, from setting the volume and pipetting to tip ejection can be performed single-handed without the need for a user to change their grip. The design allows for a comfortable and efficient operation, essential for lengthy pipetting tasks.

Even when wearing gloves, the newly designed volume change protection is easy to operate and shows at a glance whether the pipette is secured against accidental adjustment. The new design of shaft allows samples to be easily taken from narrow vessels and vials. While the shaft coupling of the new Transferpette S is located in the handle, improving ergonomics and making cleaning easier.

Article From: www.scientistlive.com/content/pipetting-easy-way-focus-ergonomic-design