Lezyne relaunches multitool range with improved ergonomics, durability, and shinier finishes

multitool with improved ergonomics

Written by Greg Kaplan. Originally posted on February 02, 2021

Nevada-based tool manufacturer improves finishes and ergonomics while dropping weight on multitools.

Lezyne, maker of shiny things like lights, pumps, and shop tools, relaunched its line of handheld multitools.

“By pairing forward-thinking design, modern tool combinations, and shop-quality tool bits with class-leading durability, we’ve been able to create a lineup of tools where each truly earns its place in a rider’s kit,” said Micki Kozuschek, founder and CEO of Lezyne.

The 23 refreshed multitools across the RAP II, V Pro, SV PRO, Super V, and Super SV lines all have smooth-radius aluminum side plates for improved ergonomics which means the tools should be easier to hold onto and are easier to use during tasks where shop tools are not available.

All tools in these ranges now get finishing treatments to the bits and 7000-series aluminum side plates, making them not only shiny but also reducing their weight. Additionally, the side plates on the V Pro, SV PRO, Super V, and Super SV tools lines get integrated thumb holds for a sure grip which should allow for more torque and less chance for slipping during use and rounding out fasteners.

“Every tool has been designed with careful attention paid to real-world use-cases to ensure tool functions and bit assortments that aren’t just useable, but useful,” states Lezyne.

All Lezyne tools are precision machined in-house which allows for improved quality control, and tolerances which Lezyne indicates as “normally reserved for shop-quality tools.” The in-house finishing also provides for improved shaping of bits, for increased precision, while also reducing overall tool weight without compromising strength and durability.

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