Ergonomic Evaluations – A Critical Piece To Your Process!

Does One Size Fit All? NO! There are several types of ergonomic evaluations.

  • Individual Prevention Evaluations: These work well for new employees or when a new process is put in place and you just want to make sure everyone is set up correctly. Proactive!!
  • Individual (or group) Early Intervention Evaluations: These work well for employees who have expressed some discomfort, or feel that “something just isn’t right”. Intervene right away and you just may prevent a workers compensation claim from being filed. Proactive!!
  • “Post-Injury” Evaluations : These are appropriate when an employee has medical issues, a workers compensation claim, or needs an accommodation. This is a very common reason to request an ergonomic evaluation. Your insurance company may even pay for it. Reactive, but very necessary. You must figure out what’s going on, and fix it.
  • Industrial or Field Ergonomic Evaluations: You may have a job or a “role”, like a warehouseman, a laborer, an assembler or a technician and you need to look at the JOB, and not the individual. The goal is to identify issues and risks for musculoskeletal injuries for anyone in that role, and identify appropriate and feasible corrective actions to mitigate those risks. With a typical reduction in claims costs and lost time, these types of ergonomic evaluations often pay for themselves in no time. They can also be done in office environments. Can be reactive or proactive, and a critical piece to your ergonomics process!! Typically a great return on investment!!
  • Design Analysis and Evaluation: Put the time in up front and you’ll have a big payoff. Prevention Through Design is optimal – mitigate risks early in the design process and everyone benefits. It costs much less in the long run. Best approach! Very proactive!!

Just as there are multiple levels of ergonomic evaluations and analysis, there are also multiple levels of ergonomics professionals and qualifications of those doing these evaluations. Joanette Lima PT, MS, CPE is an experienced certified professional ergonomist and a physical therapist with over two decades of experience performing multiple types of ergonomic evaluations in multiple types of environments. Specialty areas include private industry, public agencies, office, field and industrial environments. Contact us today and tell us what your needs are. We will carefully evaluate your objectives, and with a focus on cost reduction and improved performance, we’ll help to ensure sound and reliable solutions.