Joanette Lima Nativo speaks at Southern CA PASMA meeting in July

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PASMA (Public Agency Safety Management Association) meetings focus on issues that affect the environmental, health, and safety professions in the public sector. Asked to talk about this specific issue that continues to evolve, Ms. Lima Nativo shared her knowledge based on field experience and recent research on the topic. Her presentation, “Research and Reality – Sit/Stand Solutions: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” was well received by the group of approximately 40 health and safety professionals, with lots of interaction and several questions. The focus of the presentation captured the following:


  • Recent research findings regarding the use of sit/stand options in the office environment
  • What to consider if someone requests this option
  • Selecting appropriate solutions, and avoiding pitfalls
  • Practical guidelines if employees have them, and what if they don’t?
  • Strategies on how to deal with this issue.


This can still be a bit of a head-scratcher for some health and safety professionals. Solutions continue to flow into the marketplace, and although evidence for the effectiveness of these solutions is beginning to be more widely available, there continue to be many questions that are unanswered. It is still a relatively “young” issue in Health and Safety, coming to light earlier in this decade. As the research begins to validate Ms. Lima Nativo’s field experience, and employers begin to get a handle on what works for their work force, it’s becoming easier to select appropriate solutions and implement effective guidance for their use.